Monday, April 1, 2013

Bay State Parent Magazine

Back in February, I shared with you all the amazing gift that a local business gave to my family, Balloons All Over.  (See Abby's Birthday Post on February 28th for a little reminder!).

My news quickly spread and reached an editor to a local parent magazine, BayStateParent.  Jennifer asked me if I would be willing to share Abby's story in the April issue, which was featuring babies.  I immediately went into a frenzy of joy!  I will take any chance to share my story of Abby with anyone who will listen.  All grieving parents want to speak about their loved ones as much as we can.  And as you all know, I try to do so with my blog and facebook.  But this opportunity is such an honor!

I write to release emotions.  To express my deepest thoughts.  To share my struggles and gifts.  I put it here with the intent that it goes somewhere to 'la la land'.  I never dreamed that it would be worthy to be featured in a magazine! 

Thank you God, for providing me a gift within my struggle.  I hope that sharing Abby's story will affect its readers in a way that you seek. Please use me as a means to show that not all fatal diagnoses have to be solved by medical interventions.  And that by carrying to term, we may have struggle and we may feel inconsolable pain but we will find solace because we not only choose life, but we choose You!   

Love never dies!!

In the magazine, two older blog posts will be featured.  One is a letter that I wrote to Abby shortly after she died.  The other is a more recent one, her first birthday.  Both are very special to me and dear to my heart.

The magazine is a free publication.  Our story can be found on page 28.

God Bless.

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