Friday, August 29, 2014

Back to School

School is back in session!  Such a happy time for the kids.  Andrew is not so happy but I'm sure he will adjust.  (His brother and sisters keep him quite entertained!).  He is a smiling happy 8 month old boy who doesn't stop.  His mind is ahead of his body! I feel like he is crawling out of his skin ready to chase his siblings but can't because his body hasn't caught up to his brain yet!  Here in this picture I opened the dishwasher and in two seconds flat he scooted over in his walker to check things out!  Oh my!!  

Lily is going to preschool this year.  Today was her first day!  She attends the afternoon session and all morning she was reminding me to get her 'papers' in her back pack (ie. the administrative paperwork that I had to fill out for 3 kids.  I felt like my hand was going to fall off since I'm not used to all of that handwriting any more.  Thank goodness for typing skills!!).  So when I picked her up I asked her how did it go, her response was "it was amazing"!!  What a hoot!  

Yesterday was Emilia's first day in 3rd grade and Lucas' first day in 2nd grade.  I think they are happy to be back!  

So there's a question on the paperwork that I mentioned above asking how many siblings does the student have.  I pause since I so desperately want to write four.  I hold back the tears writing three names instead.  It doesn't feel right.  Because it isn't.  

To my surprise today, as I was cleaning out the kids' back packs, I ruffled through the usual papers that are sent home in their folders.  I started reading Emilia's questionnaire that she filled out for her first day back.  It asked questions like what did you do for the summer, do you have pets, what is your favorite book, etc.  There was also one question that stood out.  See below.

In Emilia's heart she has two sisters and two brothers.  She is a wonderful great big sister!!  

Today I silently celebrate Abby's two and a half year old birthday.  

I am sending my love to you Abby! Hugs and Kisses sweet baby girl!