Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy Purple

This morning I decided to walk over to Office Max after Lily's dentist appointment with Lily and Drew.  I was on the hunt for a cheap phone cover for my new phone.  My old phone was bugging out on me.  The ringer had stopped working over a year ago and recently when I would make a phone call this odd loud noise would come from it and it would no longer work.  I was digging my heals hard on the idea of buying a new one!!  Well I did and now I needed a cover to protect it.  Office Max has a great clearance section on phone covers at really great prices.

As I walked into the store I was getting nervous that I wouldn't find one that I liked.  My last one was pink and I was in the mood for a change.  I like the simple jelly ones.  I like the way they feel.  So I said a little prayer to Abby.  "Abby, please help me find one that I like that is cheap"!

I walked slowly down the clearance aisle with Lily jumping and playing with Drew and came to the phone section and was relieved that there were several left.  I picked up several that were for my phone type. A green one.  A black one.  I kept looking because they didn't WOW me.  Then I found a purple one.  I said to myself "hmmm, I like purple". There was no price tag on it but I knew it was clearance because the outer package was opened and I was prepared to bargain if I needed to!  So I picked it up and purchased it.  A whopping six bucks!  Score! I was so pleased with my cover and my deal.  I don't know why but I love a good deal!!

When I got the kids settled in the car, I opened the package to put it on the phone.  Then I stopped and looked at it.  I didn't realize it was purple!?!  I mean, I knew....but when I was in the store I didn't connect with it.  Duhhhh!!!

Whenever Roberto or I ask for a sign she speaks through purple or rainbows!!  Purple clothes, purple balloons, purple covers!  Purple, purple, purple!  My daughter was with me at that exact moment!  It felt wonderfully peaceful.  I was soo excited I just had to share!

Have a Happy Purple Day!