Sunday, February 16, 2014

Abby's 2nd Birthday

This sounds like such a cliche, but I can't believe how time flies.  I can't believe nor comprehend how fast two years has passed us.  Almost two years since we said Hello.....

Almost two years ago my sweet, perfect little Dwarf baby was born into this world.  She was so tiny and perfect, her little dimples on her legs, her eyes so sweet, her hands so teeny.  She didn't make any sounds yet she had so much to say.  She made it clear that she was in charge, leading her own life and making her own choices.  Because if it was up to me, selfishly, she would still be here.  She would be a two year old toddler, perhaps running around, perhaps not.  She would be so loved and adored by her older siblings.  She would be kissed and hugged til it hurt.  She would be a beautiful big sister to her baby brother.  She would be amazing.

It never gets easier.  Living without one of our children.  It just gets different.  The beating waves are less but when they crash, they still hurt and knock us down.  It is bittersweet when a stranger comes up to us in a restaurant and says to us "you have a beautiful family, do you know how blessed you are?".  I respond, "yes, yes I do know how blessed we are".  Because I really do.

For Abby's 2nd Birthday, we have decided to honor her by completing random acts of kindness on March 1st.  Random acts of kindess seem to be a good fit for us and will fill our hearts with joy and love.  Abby's name in Hebrew means "Father of Joy" and I really want to feel joy on this day.

Will you help me to accomplish this?  To feel joy in honor of Abby?  You can do so by completing a random act of kindness in Abby's memory and share it with me!  It doesn't have to cost anything and it can be anything, anything at all.  You may feel weird sharing it with me but I won't feel weird receiving it.  Because by you telling me, it creates "Abby memories" for me and I promise to cherish these memories!!   

Your act of kindness does not have to be about buying something for someone, it can be as simple as holding the door for someone or letting someone else go infront of you at the check out line.  Just knowing that we are helping someone else in honor of my sweet Abby is what her 2nd birthday is all about!!

Thank you and God Bless!